Screening and Prevention

Bomaid provides complementary* screening and prevention services to Bomaid members at selected medical service providers. This helps with the prevention and early detection of certain illnesses and medical conditions. Members do not need their doctor’s referral for laboratory tests.

The following services are covered by the Screening and Prevention Benefit:

Women’s Health

Breast-cancer  Breast Cancer: Mammograms for women aged 40 – 70, once every 2 years

Cervical-cancer  Cervical Cancer: Pap Smear for women aged 25 – 55, once every 2 years

Men’s Health

Prostate-cancer  Prostate Cancer: Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for men aged 40+, once every 2 years

Young Children and the Elderly

flu  Flu: Flu vaccine for members 5 years and under or over 65, once a year

Cardiac Diseases

cardiac  Blood cholesterol test for members aged 35+, once a year


diabetes  Blood glucose test for members aged 18+, once a year


hiv  HIV rapid test for members aged 18+, once a year

*Scheme rules apply