Bomaid Health Plans-Individuals & Corporates

Bomaid Health Plans; Access (check our Outpatient Health Plan section), Comprehensive, Executive and Prestige are tiered to offer four levels of medical aid cover. Access Health Plan is the entry-level option while Prestige Health Plan is the executive health plan option.

ACCESS (Outpatient)
This is the ideal low-cost base for young and healthy people. This no co-payment plan offers you great out of hospital benefits.

This is the perfect base for young, healthy start-up families and individuals. The wide range of in and out of hospital benefits cover most family encounters and the wellness benefits are great for a healthy, happy family.

With a perfect and broad balance of in and out of hospital benefits plus wellness features and conveniences like virtual consultations. It’s perfect for a mature family and established professionals.

This package offers the highest level of both in and out of hospital benefits, wellness features, convenience and even a dedicated relationship manager.