Hospital Cash Plan

The Hospital Cash Plan is an optional add-on to your Bomaid medical scheme. It is designed to cover your family’s day-to-day expenses in the event that one of you is hospitalised, giving you the financial freedom to take care of your loved one without worrying about additional expenses or diminished income.


dependants-01 Enjoy cover for the whole family you, your spouse and up 4 children.
hospital Get up to P2 000 for each day should any covered person be hospitalised for more than 3 days.
medicals There are no medicals required when taking this policy.
payout Enjoy double pay-out for each covered person hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
multiple-claims Enjoy multiple claims for up to 105 days you or the covered member is in hospital, for each person covered.
cash-payout Get a Cashback reward every 3 years whether you have claimed on the policy or not.
more-money Get more Money if the covered person is hospitalised for longer than 21 days.
benefit-increase Choose an Annual Benefit Increase and keep your cover in line with inflation.
increase-cover Choose to increase your cover every 12-months as your lifestyle changes.
no-wait There is no waiting period for accidental causes and for new born babies.

Choose a daily option that suits your needs

Daily Benefit Amount

You can choose between 3 daily benefit options.

Individual Option

Choose a Daily Benefit Amount that suits your needs.

Family Option

Choose a Daily Benefit Amount that suits your family’s needs.

The cost of living is ever increasing, that is why we offer you the option of an Annual Benefit Increase. You can choose to increase your Daily Benefit Amount by 5% each year.

Please contact us if you would like to register for this benefit.