HIV / AIDS Assistance Program

The HIV/AIDS Assistance Program was established in 1998 as a response to the national initiative to fight HIV/AIDS. The program managed under a Special Benefit Fund and the services include:

  • Cover for antiretroviral drugs
  • Cover for laboratory monitoring tests
  • Psychosocial support (counselling) including adherence counselling
  • Cover for hospitalisation related to HIV/AIDS and/or opportunistic conditions
  • Regular monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Once tested positive for HIV, you can request your doctor to enrol you into the program. As part of the enrolment, your doctor will need to do the following;

  • Ask you questions relating to your health
  • Conduct a thorough physical examination
  • Send you for a number of blood tests
  • Provide you general information on the management of your condition
  • Complete the necessary documents to be submitted to Bomaid
  • Start a treatment plan which will be communicated to Bomaid
  • You will be inducted into the program to understand how it operates
  • You will be assisted with cover for laboratory monitoring tests which are to be done only at designated service providers
  • You will be supplied with medications by designated service providers
  • You will engaged regularly to find out how you are doing
  • You will be provided with counselling as needed