Bomaid Wins the BHF (Southern Africa) Titanium Award

Bomaid Wins the BHF (Southern Africa) Titanium Award

At the 18th Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF) Conference held between 16th and 19th July 2017 in Cape-Town, Botswana Medical Aid Society (Bomaid) was recognised for service excellence to its membership.

The BHF of Southern Africa fulfils its function as a representative body to the healthcare funding industry with the core aim of ensuring sustainability of the healthcare sector. Members include: medical schemes, administrator and managed care organisations throughout the Southern African region, with membership in South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Swaziland.

The Titanium Awards, which were amongst the highlights of the conference, are aimed at recognising and celebrating excellence in the healthcare sector. The awards acknowledge value and contribution of regional industry players being medical aid schemes, administrators, managed care organisations, hospital groups, healthcare journalists, advisory services and individual professionals.

It goes without saying that the highlight of the day was when Bomaid scooped the coveted award for Service to Membership in the Open Medical Schemes Category which recognises open medical schemes providing the best service to their members based on a defined set of criteria such as annual membership growth, benefit plan options, annual benefit enhancements, annual subscription rate increases, customer satisfaction index, solvency ratios and health governance. Following 2 years of attaining the runner up spot to South African based schemes Compcare and Bonitas respectively the party hats came off as the excitement of the goal which seemed to be a mamoth task at first had the team embracing this auspicious moment.

In her response to this outstanding achievement, the Chief Operations Officer of Bomaid, Dr Lorato Mangadi, intimated that the award confirms Bomaid’s commitment to act in the best interest of its members at all times and to deliver on the brand promise. “This achievement is a culmination of many years of visionary leadership and a dedicated team of employees. We thank our valued members and strategic partners for without them the scheme will not be where it is today. We also thank BHF for availing this platform of recognition and celebration. Lastly, there is also no denying that this achievement highlights healthcare excellence at a national level and as a Proudly Botswana brand we are ecstatic to have received this prestigious award.” said Dr Mangadi.

Bomaid’s Principal Officer was honoured to be at the helm of the Fund at such a historic moment. He commended his staff for their hard work and vowed to keep ensuring that Bomaid maintains providing the highest quality service solutions for its members. “This award means a lot to us as it serves as a testament to the hard work that the team has been putting in. It also reflects our commitment to providing innovative health service solutions for our members. Indeed this is a milestone for Bomaid and as much as this award confirms that we are on the right track in dealing with major healthcare challenges, it further sets forth the standard of diligent hard work we need to do to maintain this”.

Bomaid remains the largest open medical aid fund in Botswana commanding 51% market share, with about 39,000 principal members and 85,000 total lives. The fund serves corporate and individual members with the most innovative and diverse products which are highly competitive and affordable to a wide spectrum of current and potential clientele.

Bomaid continues to enjoy steady growth of its membership base and places emphasis on going beyond being a health funder to being a health partner. The fund currently seeks to integrate wellness benefits into the current product offering in pursuit of improving the health and wellness of members. Bomaid further strives to seek innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and live up to their proposition of being ‘The medical aid you can trust’.



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