Bomaid takes part in the 360 Road Safety Expo 2018

Bomaid takes part in the 360 Road Safety Expo 2018

Botswana Medical Aid Society (Bomaid) took part in the 360 Road Safety Expo 2018, themed ‘All things road safety’ amongst various companies and road safety stakeholders. The event was organised by Design Surgery, held in Gaborone at Gamecity from the 24th – 27th May 2018 and it culminated with one of the attendants winning a car.

It is the first ever road safety expo and it comprised of a number of activities that included:
• Individuals wearing outfits that communicated the tragic nature of road accidents
• Individuals carrying message board communicating messages relevant to road safety
• Edutainments for school children who attended the event
• Debate session of speakers from various fraternities of road safety stakeholders who expressed their views on road safety issues
• Video vines that communicated road use and safety.

The 360 Road Safety Expo is earmarked to be an annual event that positions itself as a holistic road safety awareness solution for all things road safety. It is premised on the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 pillars listed below:
• Vehicle safety
• Infrastructure
• Road user Behaviour
• Road safety management
• Post-crash care

The Expo’s all-encompassing approach to road safety sets it apart from other road safety initiatives, as its goal is to bring stakeholders from all spheres under one roof to showcase the various facets of road safety issues. Bomaid is honoured to have been part of this initiative as it is also inevitably affected by tragedies relating to road accidents in its assistance to its members.



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