Bomaid sponsors Lady Khama Run21

Bomaid sponsors Lady Khama Run21

Botswana Medical Aid Society (Bomaid), sponsored Lady Khama Charitable Run 21 (LKCT Run21). The event was held on the 15th April 2018 at the University of Botswana Stadium in Gaborone.
Bomaid’s gesture to sponsor the RUN21 was in appreciation of the Charitable Trust’s demonstration of good governance and financial discipline in support of the disadvantaged in Botswana. The funds raised from these activities are disbursed annually or on a project to project basis into two main focus points namely;

• The Lady Khama Disability Projects; which deals in specialised wheel chairs and special needs/ support for people
living with disabilities and the elderly
• The Lady Khama Early Childhood Development (ECD) Projects which deal with ECD centres and ECD teacher training.

In addition, in its strategic focus, Bomaid has included health and wellness for its members and is always making efforts to come up with ways to encourage members to live healthier. With non-communicable diseases on the rise, affecting even children from a young age, the LKCT Run21, offers members, as well as the public an opportunity to learn to adopt a healthier way of living through exercise.

Bomaid also used this opportunity to invite its members to partake in the event and interact with Bomaid personnel on the day. A hospitality tent was provided, in which the Sales team promoted the Bomaid Health Plans. In addition, refreshments as well as a massage were provided to all members who participated.



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