Bomaid And Apollo Hospital Strengthen Partenership

Bomaid And Apollo Hospital Strengthen Partenership

In October 2016, Botswana Medical Aid Society (Bomaid) signed a memorandum of agreement with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Dehli, India, in an effort to expand its service provider network and to give its members access to quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Through this partnership, Apollo Hospital Specialists visited Botswana and during their time here offered clinical consultations to selected Bomaid members. The Specialists also engaged with the local medical fraternity in an effort to foster relations and create a roadmap for referrals.

“Partnering with Apollo Hospital is an opportune gesture to both the Bomaid member and the Fund”, said Dr Lorato Mangadi, the Head of Operations at Bomaid. “We are always mindful of rising healthcare costs and the challenge of facilitating access to high quality healthcare for the Bomaid member whilst remaining affordable to our members. As a result, we are alive to opportunities that can help the Fund manage its costs whilst keeping abreast of the changing needs of health care. It is in this light that Bomaid is expanding its reach to include other international service providers to our existing network of local and regional service providers.”

The Bomaid / Indraprastha Apollo Hospital agreement is part of an ongoing strategy to prudently manage the Fund without compromising the member’s access to high quality health care services. According to Dr Mangadi, the partnership allows Bomaid members to go to India for high value medical procedures such as organ transplants, major cardiac surgeries, joint replacement, spine surgery, cancer treatments to name a few.

“This partnership is cost effective to the Fund and will in addition to offering our members an opportunity to high quality and advanced treatments, relieve them the burden of excessive out of pocket expenses which are usually associated with these costly procedures”, said Dr Mangadi. Bomaid members who are eligible and are medically fit for travel at the recommendation of their local doctors will be offered an option to be treated in India as part of this agreement. Bomaid will cover medical, travel and accommodation costs for these members.



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